Cherimoya plant (free shipping)


Cherimoya plant (variety “Bays”) in a 5L planta bag.

Free shipping to NSW, Victoria and Brisbane area (postcodes 4000-4224) only.

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Cherimoyas are more cold tolerant than Custard Apples ( a related species) and perform well south to the Sydney region. The fruit is arguably of superior flavour to the custard apple and matures in late autumn to winter. Trees are semi-deciduous and grow to a height of 5-9m with spreading branches.

Hand pollination is generally required in order to enable fruit set.

Grafted plants in 5L bags, 60 – 80cm  in height.

Rootstock: Cherimoya selection.


“Bays”: Large, sweet, impressa fruit with great flavour (with a hint of lemon flavor). Bears well after hand pollination. Appears to perform well in cooler climates -grows well on the mid north coast of NSW. It is quite vigorous and will grow to a height of 6m.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 15.0 × 15.0 × 80.0 cm


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