Peach Tree (free shipping)





Grafted plants in 4L bags,  80cm  in height.

Rootstock: Okinawa rootstock.

Variety: White Opal peach.

Prunus persica

The White Opal has a delicate white juicy flesh that melts in the mouth.

The fruit is a pale cream with a red blush, medium to large and cling stone. The fruit matures in December to early January.

White Opal peaches are low chill and prefer a subtropical temperature growing well in coastal areas from Sydney to Nambour Queensland.

The tree will grow from 2-5 metres depending on conditions but can be pruned to 2 metres to assist in fruit production and harvesting.

It is deciduous and can handle some frost but is best protected especially when young.

It is self-pollinating and will fruit in 2-3 years. Removal of about 80% of the fruit when it forms is recommended in order to get large peaches.

Covering the tree to ground level with fruit fly netting or 50% shade cloth prevents birds, flying foxes and fruit fly from damaging the fruit.

Grafted plants in 4 litre bags. Posted plants are approximately 80cm high.



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