Pomegranate Trees (free shipping)


“Wonderful” pomegranate plants 80cm in a 4L planta bag.

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Details: Pomegranate trees

Wonderful pomegranates are grown from cuttings in 4L planta bags, 80cm to 1 metre in height.



This is the main commercial variety and originates from California in the USA.. Wonderful pomegranate trees are characterized by deep red fruit of excellent flavor. They are ideal for juicing  providing a tangy delicious fruit juice. The seeds of this variety are not very woody and are described as “soft seeds”. Fruit are high in antioxidants and can be harvested after 2 to 3 years fruiting.

Wonderful pomegranates  grow to a maximum of about 3 meters in height, and have attractive large red flowers. The trees are semi deciduous in warmer climates and are deciduous in cool temperate areas.  This variety of pomegranates is very popular because it is vigorous and productive. They are very hardy plants tolerant of extremes in temperature and are drought tolerant.


Information about growing pomegranates can be found here.

For information about purchasing wholesale quantities of pomegranate trees click here.

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Dimensions 15.0 × 15.0 × 80.0 cm


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