Avocado Trees – Grafted 80cm to 1m high

Avocado Trees at Tree Growers Nursery

Avocado plants on a bench with stakes

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Avocado plants in 4L bags 80cm to 1m in height supported by a 75cm bamboo cane. All avocados are grown on benches in order to prevent disease. They are irrigated with filtered water to minimise the presence of any plant pathogens being introduced to the potting mix.

“Hass”: Main commercial variety. It is a large tree  with high quality fruit and is of the Guatemalan race.  This variety originated in California from a seedling grown in 1926 by Rudolf Hass who named the avocado after himself.

The fruit are large weighing 200 to 300 grams and turn dark black when fully ripe. These avocados are creamy and have a nutty flavour and the flesh has a high fat content.

Avocado trees are self pollinating and it is not necessary to plant other varieties in order to get good fruit set.
Hass avocados are more sensitive to cold than other varieties like Wurtz and Fuerte .

The 2 most important factors to consider when planting avocados are the soil type and the climate. Avocados are prone to Phytophthora root infection. Phytophthora is a fungal pathogen and thrives in poorly drained soil. It is necessary to plant avocados in well drained soils – commercial plantings are often in deep red soils or sandy soils. A minimum soil depth of 1.5m is recommended for growing avocados.

While mature avocado trees will tolerate temperatures down to minus 4 or 5 degrees celsius, it is best to grow avocados in frost free areas. In areas where light frosts occur young trees can be protected with frost guards until they are a few years old and less susceptible to cold conditions.

Information about growing avocados can be found here.

Recommended spacing: 10 x 5m (200/ha).
Hass trees available in 2020.

Minimum order 30 plants (can be a mix of fruit trees).
Price: $25 each (GST incl.)

For small numbers of avocado trees see Online Sales.